Educational Resources

If it is not possible to schedule a Westmoreland Cleanways speaker we can work with you to develop a lesson or activity. We also have educational material available at no charge. Printed material is available while supplies last; the interactive boards are available for loan on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Natalie or call 724-879-4020 for technical support or to order materials and supplies.

Print Publications

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day! (Westmoreland Cleanways)

  Grades: Preschool-2, Booklet contains age appropriate activities related to reducing, reusing, recycling, litter, composting, and saving energy. (Special Thanks to Greta Garsteck for her illustrations.)
  Grades 3-6: Booklet contains information and activities on the history of Earth Day, reusing, reducing, recycling, litter, composting, the water cycle and watersheds

Erth Moore Worm (Westmoreland Cleanways)

"Erth Moore Worm" is an educational publication to teach children about composting, ecology, and the environment in an amusing way. Within the story, Erth Moore the Earthworm enlists a few animal friends to convince Mr. Gardener to compost in his yard. During the course of the story each friend explains how composting would benefit their lives. *Meets certain PA Dept. of Education standards

Curriculum Guides (Loan Only)

Vermicomposting, K-8 Curriculum: developed by the Sustainable Living Center as an educational tool to educate students on a fun and simple method of recycling food waste. One lesson per grade, including age appropriate use of the scientific method as well as visual aids and resources.
  Composting in the Classroom, Scientific Inquiry for High School Students: Using the inquiry method, students learn about the science of composting, monitor the composting process, and measure the attributes of finished compost. Although each chapter includes research possibilities, the last chapter is devoted to designing meaningful research projects focusing on compost.
  Nature’s Recyclers: A Vermicomposting Teacher Resource Guide: Developed by Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling as a resource for teachers. The curriculum guide provides a variety of lessons that introduce vermicomposting and worm biology, and interdisciplinary activities that connect vermicomposting to other science topics, math, reading, and the arts.
*Funded by a grant from the PA DEP
  Waste in Place: Developed by Keep America Beautiful, Inc. for Early Childhood-Elementary students, the activity guide provides lesson plans and resources for litter prevention, beautification, community greening, waste reduction and recycling. (Format similar to Project Wild)
  Plastic Practices: This curriculum was developed by a St. Vincent Master’s Student for Westmoreland Cleanways’ use. Its target audience is students in a secondary chemistry course. Students conduct varies lab activities, research, and debates about plastics in today’s society.

Interactive Boards

Test Your Litter IQ Board:  Interactive puzzle board that shows the true lifespan of litter.  Participants choose how long litter takes to break down in the environment.  A buzzer sounds with the correct answer.

Close The Loop Recycling Board:  Interactive puzzle board that shows what becomes of commonly recycled items.  Participants decide what items are made from what recyclable material.  The recycling loop (mobius) flashes with the correct answer.

Suggested Reading

Other Suggested Picture Books Include:
Adventures of an Aluminum Can by Alison Inches
Adventures of a Plastic Bottle by Alison Inches
Compost by Gosh! by Michelle Eva Portman
It's Earth Day, by Mercer Mayer
Magic School Bus Gets Recycled, by Anne Capeci
The Great Trash Bash, by Loreen Leedy
Wump World, by Bill Peet


Other Suggested Beginner Reader Books Include:
Earthworms, by Claire Llewelllyn and Barrie Watts
Pee Wee's Great Adventure, A guide to vermicomposting by Larraine Roulston


If you come across a great book please share it with us by contacting Natalie.

Websites and Videos

Great resources for planning lessons, activities or for developing awareness and understanding.

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Educational Resources

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Unique Recycling Opportunities


If you come across a great website or video, please share it with us by contacting Natalie.